Wooden Packaging Since 1950


Our History

For over 70 years, DRIMON company, with the help of an exceptional team, has been manufacturing wooden packaging such as wooden boxes, wooden stands, and custom wooden structures, always focusing on quality, service, and reliability. Hard work, investing in human resources, equipment, and facilities have allowed our company to continuously grow and succeed.

Creative and oriented towards the implementation and construction of any wooden packaging.

The broad variety of clients collaborating with us, coming from all sectors of production, trade, and promotion of goods, is proof of the high acceptance and trust in our services. This is attributed to our creative thinking, commitment to quality, a sense of design and innovation, as well as our ability to respond to every challenge.

Our team is dedicated to you, your product, and your brand. Throughout the years, we are fully specialized with extensive experience in handling and executing both small and large orders. Our production facility is geared towards it. For the production of wooden boxes and stands we use a variety of wood types, including birch, poplar, pine, beech, oak, walnut, MDF, either in their natural shade, or with paints, varnishes, distressed processing, giving the final product the form and style required by each customer.
The use of a logo for your wooden boxes and stands is achievable through us.
Digital printing, silk-screen printing, pyrography, gold stamping, silver stamping, copper stamping, are some of the methods of applying your logos on each of your wooden boxes, stands and wooden structures.

We also offer customization of the interior of wooden boxes or structures.
Wooden dividers, molded foams, fabrics, handles, and bases are some of our proposals for the placement, display, and presentation of your product within each wooden packaging.

Finally, where required, we provide ISPM15 certification for wooden packaging that is made entirely of solid wood.